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       Beijing Forward Gate Autosystem Co. Ltd (FGA) is founded in Aug 2008, and is an engineering company which focuses on high-tech products sale and engineering technical services. FGA can provide the best possible solutions for each unique customer with a variety of industrial automatic controlling products. It can also provide other scopes of business like system design, development and adjustment, programming, complete set of equipments for on-site opening. In addition, FGA is in a position to supply technical support, operation training and complete post-sale services including relevant maintenance and repair for products, and operation & maintenance training for end users  ... [MORE]
  Honeywell's Coal
  Mine Total Automation System
  KJ297 Coal Mine
  People Tracking System
  KJJ110 Honeywell's
  Coal Mine Intrinsic Safety BUS Integrated Automation System
  ZM51 Coal Mine
  Safety Monitoring System