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     Beijing Forward Gate Autosystem Co. Ltd (FGA) is founded in Aug 2008, and is an engineering company which focuses on high-tech products sale and engineering technical services. FGA can provide the best possible solutions for each unique customer with a variety of industrial automatic controlling products. It can also provide other scopes of business like system design, development and adjustment, programming, complete set of equipments for on-site opening. In addition, FGA is in a position to supply technical support, operation training and complete post-sale services including relevant maintenance and repair for products, and operation & maintenance training for end users and maintenance persons. 
     FGA has some international partners who are from big German and American companies. It is the general agent for these company including Woelke Indusrtieelektronik GmbHFunke + Huster • Fernsig GmbHKirchgaesser Industrieelektronik GmbHHilscher and Jiangsu Shine Technology Group Co.Ltd. FGA is the sole system integrator for American company C Honeywell in coal-mining field.
FGA is based on expanding the market, keeping employees motivated and putting honesty at the first place for customers. Moreover, it will keep in step with high standards of autosystem in the international coal-mining industry. We adhere to these developing ideas including technical innovation, advanced management and brand building.